Welcome to the Priory Social Club


Extra ordinary general meeting april 1st 2014

Agenda -Ladies full members

A debate took place between members of PRIORY SOCIAL regards making females full members,after points raised by those for and against a vote was taken

The members voted by majority to make ladies full members

Any ladies wishing to be made full members must contact George Day (subs)and pay another 50p to bring in line with male subs

All ladies and male members will pay same subs in january 2015 subs fees decided by committee,THERE WILL BE NO MORE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS

Lady full members will enjoy same rights and benefits as male members.Ladies will be allowed to enter A G M and can vote at elections (committee,finance,etc) but can not put up for any management committees till paid 2 years full subs,this is in accordance with club rule book and applies to all members male or female.



Welcome to the PRIORY SOCIAL CLUB one of the top social clubs in the area

Bringing you good beers and lagers at great prices for an affordable night out

The Priory delivers top entertainment every saturday and sunday nights,with 

raffles,lucky balls,4 number quickies,and probably the best BINGO FORECAST in town

The Priory is run by a dedicated management committee lead by ALLAN GRAY (pres)

Bar staff are cheerful and efficient under steward GARY PEACOCK and wife ROSEANN

The Priory is involved with numerous sports/games activities including MONDAY  AND THURSDAY NIGHT GAMES,LADIES DARTS ,5 AND 3 LEAGUE,PLUS NEWLY FORMED POOL TEAM,also introducing POKER competitions on tuesday nights

Sunday lunch has bingo,4 number quickies, blind cards and a LETTER TOTE which must be the best in the area,paying out £2,300 and more every week ,and paying out at 2pm every week

The Priory welcomes all members and guests to enjoy there visits to our club and a great night out is assured

Check out what bands are on through our EVENTS page,some really great bands on,dont miss out

The Priory is also noted for its fantastic CHARITY nights which have raised thousands of pounds over the years for local charities ,such as AIR AMBULANCE,

and many JAMES COOK HOSPITAL wards ,especially kids wards

These nights are mainly organised by CONCERT CHAIRMAN ANDY MATHER who does an amazing job raising worthwhile funds for all charities,helped by freinds family and all committee members